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Search Engine Optimization

The vast majority of consumers use Google Search every week to find companies like yours. It is by far the most effective channel to acquire new business. Our strategies are engineered for long-term ranking that lasts.

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PPC / Google AdWords

Our PPC strategies are engineered to drive customers to your website that are ready to purchase your products and/or services at the time of the search query, resulting in high conversion rates.

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Analytic data is the foundation for all of our Search Engine Optimization & digital marketing strategies.

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Conversion Optimization

The optimizations done to your website are mostly user analytic data-based, which enables us to utilize methods proven to work while identifying and omitting what doesn’t.

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Mobile Site Redesign

Search engines are transitioning towards mobile first indexing these days. We make sure your site is easy to navigate from start to finish and optimize for touch screens.

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Web Design & Development

We build search engine optimized websites that are mobile device ready, and we put a lot of effort into getting to know your business so we can set up a site that helps you meet your business goals & objectives.

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Our Priority is Our Clients

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What Our Clients Say

We are greatly impressed with the straight forward, problem solution tactics that Jeff and his team provided to us. We have had such a run around in the past when it has come to SEO and it is so nice to have someone we can rely on and trust.


Crystal W.

( www.luxeeventlinen.com )

We are now on the first page on pretty much all search engines. This is something that two prior SEO experts were not able to do. Michigan SEO Guys was very easy to reach, we're glad to explain what and why as far as the changes to our site, and was nothing short of professional.


Fatima W.

( Business Owner )

Michigan SEO Guys did a wonderful job optimizing our web page. They were always prompt at responding, professional, flexible, and took a sincere interest in our business. Jeff and his team have unparalleled experience with SEO; they were able to bring our tutoring website on the first page of Google for our keywords, and gave us great tips and advice on how we can stay at the top. I would strongly recommend Michigan SEO Guys!


Rohen S.

( CEO - Diagknowstics.com )

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5 Tips for Improving Ecommerce Site Conversion Rates

5 Tips for Improving Ecommerce Site Conversion Rates

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A 1% increase in your site’s visitor-to-purchase ratio could mean thousands of dollars in increased profit. Here’s 5 tips to get you started on making your Ecommerce site convert more of your visitors into customers.

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How Content Delivery Networks Help Your SEO 2

How Content Delivery Networks Help Your SEO

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Websites have static resources such as images, videos, and certain types of files like CSS and JavaScript. Content Delivery Networks host these static resources on what is called an edge server.

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Why Copying Competitors That Outrank You Isn’t an SEO Strategy

In my years in this industry I have seen time and time again the mantra “Let’s copy the competition! They are number one, so they must be doing something right. Right?”

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What are HTTP or Browser Cookies? 2

What are HTTP or Browser Cookies?

You visit a website and your browser starts requesting all the files that constitute the website. So your browser asks the server, “Can I have image_011.jpeg?” and the web server says, “Yeah, here you go and take this thing with you and bring it back when you come back next time so I know it’s you.” Your browser says “okaythx” and then returns a nanosecond later: “Hello – can I have image_001a.jpg? And, I have this thing you gave me last time.” And then the server says, “Oh it’s you again. I remember you.”

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Why it's Important to Secure Your WordPress Site 3

Why it’s Important to Secure Your WordPress Site

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Keep in mind, that humans are rarely trying manually to break into your site. Instead, scripts are written to scan for vulnerable websites and when they find one, then try to break in. So, a malicious hacker can setup a computer or multiple computers to stay on 24 hours a day and just scan and hack into many sites without touching the keyboard most of the time.

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Meta Keywords HTML Tag and SEO

Meta Keywords HTML Tag and SEO

If the Meta keyword tags were really important ingredients in your recipe for SEO success, Google, Yahoo, and Bing would be the first ones to let you know that you actually need them.

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We’re a Full-Service Michigan SEO Company

We’re a full service SEO agency in Troy, Michigan that has assisted businesses worldwide, large and small, with their SEO, paid search campaigns, and overall online presence thanks partly to our dominating presence on every major search engine including Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

Our SEO process begins with an understanding of your business and your customer base  – for both SEO and conversion rate optimization purposes. We are aware that individuals searching for a “Michigan SEO company” are going to search differently than someone looking for a probate attorney or a cosmetic surgeon or landscaper and so on.  We customize our approach to suit your needs while addressing your business goals. Our team works to ensure the targeted demographic is the audience you are interested in capturing.


Our Passion is to Grow Your Business

The first page of search results gets 91% of traffic, the second page gets only 4.7%, and it decreases steadily beyond that. If your business is not on the first page you are missing out on leads. Our monthly and contracted SEO services cover:

  • SEO Consulting Services
  • customized solutions to fit your companies needs (as most SEO campaigns have varying requirements)
  • Thorough keyword research
  • In-depth evaluation of competition websites
  • Transparent organic SEO solutions for the long-term
  • Comprehensive on-page SEO – (title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, original content, internal/external linking)
  • SEO content creation/copywriting – fresh content written to influence return visits



Our SEO & Internet Marketing Services

We use highly effective on-page SEO techniques along with design and layout optimizations that make your site easy to parse for both your users and the search engines.

We offer everything from national multi-channel internet marketing to local and national SEO campaign management solutions to fit just about any size company’s requirements.  This means we do lots of Search Engine Optimization, but can also assist you with your pay-per-click and Google AdWords campaigns, help you develop a content marketing or social media marketing strategy as well as provide web design and custom software application development services.

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