Custom SEO Reports

custom seo reports

Every Month, Our Progress is Documented By Way of Custom SEO Reports

Every month, we provide our clients with custom SEO reports ( included with all SEO packages ) that show your current position in the search results and the number in which your website has improved by. For example, if you were ranked #60 on Google for your selected keyword when you came to us and after a month or two you became #6, our reports will show you the +54 placement increase in your position. All of the data used to generate our custom reports comes directly from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


custom SEO reports

In addition to providing custom SEO reports, we also send all clients a Google Analytics report. This includes lots of information on the way your site is being used and information on your users. Some of the data included in a Google Analytics report is: user location, device type, average time on site, and bounce rate. We can customized your Google Analytics reports to display just about any user info you’d like.